Key Event Highlights

Having served as a key regional networking event for the architectural and built environment sector for close to two decades, Safety & Security Asia is a platform for brands to connect with existing and new business partners and set-up meetings through a personalised business-matching programme.
In addition, Safety & Security Asia will be co-located alongside the Merlion Awards, Union of Security Employees Security Conference and A-CERTS Connect, where more than 30 speakers from all parts of the globe will be invited to share commercial, strategic and technical insights to enable a competitive advantage and open up to new business opportunities.

Merlion Awards

Underpinning the importance of innovation, the Merlion Awards give well-deserving companies the accolades of excellence to showcase their exemplary products.

Union of Security Employees Security Conference

Co-organised by the Union of Security Employees (USE), the Centre for Protective Security (CPS) and CEMS, the conference would focus on Outcome-Based Contracting.

A-CERTS Connect

This seminar offers safety and security attendees step-by-step guides to Rescue Planning and Resource Management for Companies, particularly in times of need.