Security Risk

Security Risk

Security Risk is established in Singapore in 2017, in this short space of time, we have developed an affordable suite of web and mobile-based apps, Security Risk Manager (SRM),that turns how physical security operations are carried out, on its head.

Building on our early successes, we have grown to include offices in Australia and the United Kingdom.

By combining our robust, rapid response technology with on-the-ground local intelligence, Security Risk clients can ensure that the safety of their personnel and the integrity of the premises are protected. SRM Platform also assists in compliance with local laws without the need for expensive or hard-to-operate systems.

Our team is always looking for ways to develop and innovate our platform. Our goal is to provide security companies and corporate security teams with a highly efficient solution to the management of their security operations, as well as an alternative to both the traditional paper-based management system.

Most businesses don’t require a heavily customised security operations system with the price tag to match. Security Risk is here to fill that gap and help keep your people safe.

Security Risk Boiler Plate:
Security Risk brings a new approach to smart security solutions by combining flexible rapid response services with local intelligence to keep people safe. Extensive studies and testing were conducted in Timor Leste and Papua New Guinea to ensure a trusted product that can operate in difficult environments. Its Security Risk Manager (SRM)Platform is a multi-faceted solution that helps security companies and for companies with security in their operations transform their operations intelligently and bring more value to customers, personnel, and overall business operations. It is developed with reference to international standard, ISO18788:2015 Management System for Private Security Operations and works on the cloud in low-bandwidth environments, offline or in a closed network to ensure utmost functionality under any conditions. The company is headquartered in Singapore with regional offices in Adelaide, Australia and Edinburgh, UK.

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Ong Lianjie (LJ Ong)
+65 3165 5000 (call only); 9763 8704 (Whatsapp)